Distant Fingers (2023)
handmade publication and readings

Within the Publication „Distant Fingers“ different located artists from Marseille and Frankfurt came together through a collective publication, focusing on writing prosaic, autofictional, or autobiographic texts, along with poems addressing identity, feminism, and political themes. This writing, integral to their artistic practice, serves as a meaningful connection between the four participating artists. The publication accompanied by readings in Marseille and Frankfurt aims to convey intimacy, sharing private aspects, and questioning both personal and political realities. Reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of the artists' practices, spanning performance, sculpture, photography, social art in public spaces, music production, and more, the publication takes the form of a dynamic collection—a personal archive of text, memory, and emotion. The project's goal is to bridge geographical distances by exploring similar themes from diverse perspectives, creating a speaking tube that connects through careful perception and the digestion of one's own reality in the writing process.

Texts: Anna Penn, Nouria Behloul, yabilaar, Carla Vollmers
Layout: Anna Penn
Cover: Carla Vollmers
Readings at saasfee*pavillon in Frankfurt and voiture14 in Marseille

photos: Anna Penn