Orbit 1 (2018)


Humans border on and off. They turn on and off. They influence each other, move another and leave. Relationships are in current transformation. They change and while transforming they turn into consistent forms and structures. We radiate and get radiated, we break those, who come near and are broken too. We reflect, find our reflection in strangers and lose ourselves again. Confused motions in human orbits, just like the sunsystem: to radiate, to glow, to be extinguished. We realize, the path will stay the same, only the colours are changing. We are everything, we are nothing and everything seems clear.

concept Femmes Off (Zarah Scheiderer, Lisa Nürnberger, Carla Vollmers)
music Lisa Nürnberger
costume and stage Zarah Scheiderer
choreography, trailer, text Carla Vollmers
performer Lena Stewens, Deniz Kilicarslan, Luca Ganz
photos Pauline Schey 

shown at Atelier Frankfurt and Robert Johnson